Where it all began.


I’m sure you’re expecting some really long inspirational reason as to how I, Mala, went about setting up Create and Make. It’s an interesting story but fairly short and sweet!

I’ve started forging a career in the marketing and communications world which if any of you know is very fast paced and incredibly demanding. Having spent the majority of my working life in a very corporate world I felt it was time for a change of pace. Art is something I’ve always had an interest in but with a hectic life it took a back seat while studying and working.

Artists have always had me in awe of the amazing work they create and the fun they have doing it as a living, I wanted to experience that creativity again. As I still work full time, evening or weekend courses is where I wanted to start learning more about arts and crafts . Could I find anything that suited my schedule? No!

Giving up hope of finding anything to suit my time constraints I started to teach myself a number of different crafts from knitting,

crochet, painting, marbling and drawing. My appetite for creating and making things was reborn.

Having felt this amazing sense of achievement and satisfaction after every hat I made, or when someone complimented my work I felt that others needed to experience this too. This is where Create and Make was born.

Create and Make aims to bring arts and crafts to those with a busy life. The workshops we (I won’t be teaching all the workshops) run will be somewhere you can take a few hours out of your busy life to do something for you, spend time with friend while making something amazing. We will run short courses as well as many one of sessions, just watch this space to find out more!

I can’t wait to meet you all while we Create and Make together!

Mala X