All of our sessions are run in a fun and friendly environment, everyone is here to learn and have a good time! Below are the crafts that we are currently offering, over time this list will grow and the complexity of the projects will grow (don’t worry there will always be less complex options available!).



These classes are great for those who have never knitted or those who knitted before but are a bit rusty. We take you through the basics and help you build up to more complex projects.



Crochet is my second love in life (first love is wine). The workshops and classes we run range from simple how to get started to more complex garments and accessories.


What better way to learn a new skill and catch up with friends than through one of our painting workshops. We choose a picture and you are guided through how to create it, all while drinking bubbles!



If you like to just see what happens and go with the flow then marbling is for you. There are no set rules once you’re set up, drop some inks and play! It really is that easy.


Mixed Media

Mixed media covers anything from paper crafts, decoupage to mosaics and much more.

Private Workshops

If there is something you would like to try or a number of things then please get in touch! We are more than happy to create something bespoke for your birthday treat, hen party, stag do, corporate event, family gatherings and any other event or occasion you can think of.